Hello world, I’m finally here!

Mama thought she was having Braxtons again, so at midnight she went to sleep. She woke up and asked Daddy to start monitoring the frequency of contractions, and decided that it was time to leave for the hospital when it was almost too late to get there. There was no time for the family to come before they left, so Daddy waited for my sister Kira’s friend’s mom, Cate, to babysit until Nana & Papa could arrive. Daddy put Mama in a cab at 3:15AM, and by the time she got to the hospital, I was really ready to come out.

Daddy showed up 45 minutes later and was very surprised that I had already showed up at 3:46AM. Mama was sooooooooooo happy to finally meet me. She didn’t need any medication because I was so cooperative and came out very fast. Daddy and Kira also love me so much, and I am a lucky mushy baby to be with them.

Kira, Aunt Kerren, Nana and Papa came to visit me, Mama and Daddy in the hospital on my Birth Day.  Daddy took a bunch of pictures.

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