Kira's 6th B-Day Party


Xmas 2012!

We had a ball on Xmas – lunch at Auntie Karin’s, dinner and gifts at Nana & Papa’s, and sleepover and more gifts at Aunt Kerren & Uncle Herb’s!

Big Apple Circus


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To The Movies, Arthur’s X-Mass

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The Tooth Fairy Came

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My First Wiggler Tooth Fell Out

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Sun Room Holiday Party

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lots of fun.

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Brett’s Birthday Party

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Brett Birthday at Home

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Riverdale Nature Trip

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Halloween 2011

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October Snow

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Chickens, Fish and Trains

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Nana, Papa & Auntie Karin Visit, Big Shoes

Nana and Papa visited.  Auntie Karin came early.

pictures to come

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Father’s Day Papa’s Camera

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Kira’s Graduation from Preschool

Easter pictures with Papa's camera

Sometimes Papa took these pictures with his camera and other times Auntie Karin was taking the pictures.

Auntie Karin's easter pictures

Auntie Karin took Easter pictures too.

The Easter Bunny Made Lots of Eggs

Easter is fun because of eggs, chocolate, and family fun.  Pictures too!

Cowing Around

Sometimes for dress-up being a cow is cool.

Captiva Beach Vacation

Day 1 in beach paradise.

Kira's 5th Birthday

Wow, I can’t believe I’m FIVE!  almost…

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Sonja & Kerren B-Day

A fun birthday celebration.

Christmas tree and Kira

Kira and Daddy put the Christmas tree together while I relaxed, and then Kira came over to keep me company. Pictures.

Thanksgiving Fun at Nana and Papa's

We had yummy food (Turkey, cookies and pie) and ran around and Autie Karin took some pictures. Papa took some pictures too.

Claremont Farm Trip

My class at Claremont took a trip to the Farm.

It's a Halloween Party

And I’m dressed up.