Overnight trip in CT, more video

This weekend, we stayed with Aunt Carol & Uncle Martin at their beautiful vacation home in Sherman, CT. Carol went down to the pool and said the water was warm. Here are pictures of Daddy and me; I’m posing for animal crackers, as usual. Then Daddy held me while I played in the pool, and I splashed my feet. Auntie Karin was staying over with us, and she helped me play in the pool, too. Daddy got the video camera, then came down to the pool while Karin was splashing with me. Then Mommy splashed with me. When I got tired of splashing, I sat on Mommy’s lap. I got to stand on Mommy’s lap, and she rubbed my head and kissed on me. Karin took over the video camera while Daddy joined Mommy and me, and you can see that he knocked a rock loose next to the pool (oops). Then Karin took more video of us, including Martin, but then she went off and took video of the scenery. Eventually, Karin came back to Mommy, Daddy and me.

After fun at the pool, Mommy and I played with the piano, and then we went upstairs so Mommy could change my clothes. She put me in a comfy onesie for the evening. We came back downstairs and Martin snugged me, but Mommy had the camera on the wrong setting, so we came out fuzzy. Martin showed me how to play the piano, and even how to play it with my feet. It was then my beddy time, so I went to sleep in the couch-crib (Daddy used the night video feature in the dark). Mommy and Daddy stayed at the house with me, but Martin, Carol and Karin all put on togas and went out to a toga party at a neighbor’s house. All night, it was raining hard outside, and Mommy enjoyed the lovely sound of the rain falling on the trees.

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  1. Nanny says:

    It looks like a great weekend. I see you like splashing in the pool. And what a treat hearing you play the piano!

  2. Grandpa Lou says:

    Mommy, Daddy and Me is precious. I will be watching that one a lot. love..

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