Massa family gathering

I met some of Nana’s relatives for the first time today. Daddy’s Cousin Andrea and her daughter Katrin were at Nana and Grandpa’s. So was Daddy’s Uncle Helmuth and Aunt Lillian. We were so excited that we took lots of pictures. Auntie Karin and Aunt Kerren were there, too! I loved playing with Cousin Katrin; she was so gentle and nice to me. Cousin Andrea and Katrin went home to Germany after the visit, and we hope to see them again soon.

5 Responses to “Massa family gathering”

  1. Auntie Karin says:

    These pictures are precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful day.

  2. Grandpa says:

    These truly delightful photos capture much of the joy at a very special
    get-together. What a perfect day, in every way.

  3. Nana says:

    I just love all in this sight ! So absolutely wonderful and cheerful and adorable !

  4. Cousin Andrea & Katrin says:

    The ‘cousins choir’ (5267) is precious.

  5. Nanny says:

    You look very happy playing with Katrin. Playing with nice children is fun, isn’t it? You look like you are growing some hair in these pictures. What do you think?

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