Thanksgiving 2007

I really loved spending the day with Nana, Papa & Auntie Karin. We had lots of good food, and especially lots of laughs! Auntie Karin giggled all day long…not sure why…hmmm. Maybe it was because Mommy and I were making faces and saying “hmmm.” Sort of a modified Dr. Evil “hmmm.” View the silliness. No wonder my nickname is H&C (short for ham & cheese sandwich).

Anyway, you can really tell that I loooove cumbers — I held onto this slice of cucumber just about the whole day! No one takes away my cumber.

At the end of the day, it was bath time. Auntie Karin captured my swimming skills with her cell phone camera. Papa later submitted his photo contributions.

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2007”

  1. Auntie Karin says:

    Kira, I love you so much! We had so much fun didn’t we!!!! You are my ray of sunshine and I thank God every day you are in my life.

  2. Alina says:

    What a wonderful time you had! I wish I was there to share the laughs with you! I’m not going to forget my Thanksgiving with you we had last year! I miss you all very very much! Kira, you look amazing in those Jeans and your adorable tee =))))) You are the most beautiful New York’s little fashion queen! Kisses&Hugs from Hamburg! Alina

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