Lots of funny faces today

Sunday we hung around and I relaxed on the pillow. I start making faces when I get gassy, and I look both funny and cute.  Daddy and Mommy took lots of pictures.

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  1. Rhonda Leon says:

    Oh Alli, you made my day! I just put my comment here because no one else had but I’ve been looking through ALL the pictures…lots and lots. It’s so awesome getting to see her like this. I have to say: with my kids becoming teens, I’ve been asking myself what in the world happened to my brain that I was crazy enough to have five kids! However, seeing Kira, I understand now. I love babies!
    Kevin looks great in a sling by the way and you have a pretty cat as well…oh, let’s not forget the view!

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll be back for more as the days go by!

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