Today is Mommy’s 40th Birthday

Amazing as it is, Mommy’s birthday is a year and a day after Daddy’s. And I was born in March, too. That makes March birthday month around here. After a good breakfast (Mommy had a whole wheat raisin scone, and you know what I had), we decided that in honor of Mommy’s birthday, we would take a nap. That is the best present I can give her for sure! Of course, there are pictures, because Daddy was blogging at the time.  Later in the evening, we went to work, and Mommy fed me before seeing a client. I was quite relaxed.

2 Responses to “Today is Mommy’s 40th Birthday”

  1. Aunt Karin says:

    awww… Happy Birthday Mommy Alli!

  2. Nanny says:


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