Back to the beach

It’s Tuesday, and believe it or not, we went out to Seaview on Fire Island to go house hunting again. We took the train, and then the ferry. I had a purple mouth, which has been getting a lot of attention, but not the kind a girl wants. On the boat out to Seaview, Mommy decided to have some fun and put her sun glasses on my little face. We were sitting next to her purple fish purse, which matched my lips today. As she took these pictures, she imagined me saying, “stop taking so many pictures” in the whiny voice that Philip Seymour Hoffman did in Capote. That made her smile. I was very cranky today, so when we got back to Penn Station, Mommy ordered herself a large coconut frap.

2 Responses to “Back to the beach”

  1. Nanny says:

    Interesting pictures of your purple mouth and Mommy’s sun glasses!

  2. cheri (cousin) says:

    Hi Kevin, Allison and Kira,

    I was so happy to meet the beauty through pictures. She is adorable and gets prettier as she gets bigger. Your baby blog is a lot of fun and she will treasure all of it when she gets older. I printed one of the pictures of Kira and Grandma and will tape it to her kitchen cabinet when I next visit. I love all the comments from you two as well, some are very funny! Enjoy every moment as you have been!
    Love, Cheri xxx

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