Scoping out FI neighborhoods

Mommy sure likes going house hunting in Fire Island. While she was getting me ready to go out for the day, she thought I looked so cute lying on the bed in my new outfit, that she ran to get the camera. We went to Buy Buy Baby to get thermal totes to keep Mommy’s extra milk in bottles cool. They were closed when we got to the store, so Mommy entertained herself by taking some pictures of me in my carrier as we waited. The store opened soon enough for us to buy the totes and catch the train.

As usual, the ferry ride created a photo opp. Mommy put sunblock on me. We arrived in Saltaire, and Mommy captured the moment.

We saw an entry way that Mommy and Daddy thought looked interesting, so we took a picture of it.

I was relaxed and calm in the carrier for hours as we went up and down all the walks in Saltaire from Lighthouse Walk to the beach so we could scope out the houses and get a vibe. I got restless, so I asked Daddy to carry me for a while and show me the nice scenery. Then I was OK with being back in the carrier. But that didn’t last long, and I asked Mommy and Daddy to show me the scenery again.

Then Mommy took a picture of the beach in Dunewood from the walk that may one day be our walk if we get a house there.

At the end of our trip, we went to the dock in Fair Harbor so Mommy could get ice cream as we waited for the ferry. We were suprised to see swans and signets. Mommy thought  I looked pretty with the light on my face from the sun as it was near setting. Here I am waiting to board the ferry. Daddy bought some grape juice in little containers and he drank it on the ferry like a little boy.

As we walked from the ferry to the train in Bayshore, I got restless again, so Daddy carried me.

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  1. Nanny says:

    What excitment! Nanny loves Fire Island and you are getting to see so much of it. You look so cute in your new outfit that I want to pick you up and kiss and cuddle you. It is good that Mommy put sunblock on you. It looks like everyone had a good day and you were a happy girl.

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