Finding the right Fire Island house

Mommy and Daddy wanted us to go out to Fire Island again to see one more house in Dunewood. The pictures on the broker’s website looked OK, but we wanted to see for sure, especially since the other house we had seen wasn’t officially for sale. On the ferry, I met another baby boy who is a year older than me. He really seemed to like me and proved that babies like babies.

The house we looked at this time was right on the ocean and has a great view of the beach. Mommy said, “it is a practical, easy and clean house.” Daddy took pictures of the rooms and the view. You can even see the other house we liked (the one that’s not really for sale — it is the one with the flat top) in the background.

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  1. Nanny says:

    Mommy, Daddy and you look happy at the beach. I hope they find just the right house.

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