Father’s Day is Froggy Day

I started off my first Father’s Day snugging my Froggy and kissing him. That got me in the mood for visting Nana and Grandpa for a BBQ. I sat with Mommy for a while, looking around and enjoying the party. Then I sat with Aunt Karin, and I realized I like chomping her long thumb nail almost as much as I like sucking my thumb. Nana is really good at making me feel comfortable and loved by hugging and rocking me, and today she walked me around the backyard. All those BBQ smells made me hungry, so Mommy let me have a BBQ of my own. Once I was nice and full, Mommy took some more family photos.

3 Responses to “Father’s Day is Froggy Day”

  1. Nanny says:

    Well,Daddy and GP look very happy so I’m sure it was a very happy Father’s Day and having you there made it all the better.

  2. Aunt Karin says:

    The pictures always make me smile. I love that she was sucking my long thumb… hehe. I just adore her.

  3. Aunt Karin says:

    She sure loves that Froggy! I LOVE those photos. So CUTE!!!!

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