Now this is what I call Christmas

So colorful.  lots of lights and pictures.

First Christmas Eve, gonna sleep it

It’s early.  Gonna nap.

Autie Kerren is Comfie too

This time I’m taking a little nap on Auntie Kerren.  I like naps.  Meanwhile, my sister Kira has a picture of me and her.

Wow, Daddy is Comfortable

Sacked out on Daddy.

Sweet sister Kira

Kira says “I love my baby brother” and she is a great big sister. From the start, she hangs out with me. She pets my head and says my hair is so soft. She hugs and kisses me. She wants to give me a bath and show me toys. I love Kira, and we will have […]

More bean bag time

I know you think bean bags can be boring, but I beg to differ.