Ferry back & forth

On the ferry, both to and from Aunt Kerren & Uncle Herb’s house.  Even got a video — by mistake!

Maisy ABCs calms the nerves

Watching Maisy on this cruddy DVD player helps me take my mind off my teething.

Heavenly summer

Enjoying the surf & sand with my Daddy.

Ol’ rockin’ chair

This rocking chair came with the house. I kinda like it.

Fire Island girl

See me all covered up and uncovered.

Snack & SWAK

On the ferry, my favorite things to do are have a snack and cuddle with Daddy.

Play with the hippos

Janelle sent these photos of me at Hippo Playground to Mama. Thanks, Janelle!

I’ve done my crib time

Mama tells me that my crib days are numbered. I’m ready for my big-girl bed when it arrives. Tired of whacking my long legs on these bars at night when I turn over.


Hi, Daddy, it’s me, Kira. I called to say “good night.”

Darn dress

I do not like this dress (or any dress, for that matter), but I’ll let Mama put it on me as a nightgown. I’m sporting it out on the deck this morning.