First Thanksgiving

Despite the yucky, rainy weather, I had lots of fun going to Massapequa to see Nana and Grandpa on Thanksgiving. Daddy put some of Nana’s turkey in a food processor, and Mommy fed the turkey to me. I loved it. Then I got to try stuffing (not really liking that yet) and candied yams (yummy!). […]

The Fixx in NYC

Mommy has been looking forward to tonight for a while. Whenever she can, she goes out to see The Fixx (her favorite band), and tonight they were in town. I got to stay home with Alina, who is a great babysitter (she can even help me go beddy!). When Mommy and Daddy came home […]

Mmmm Pizza

This afternoon, I went with Mommy and Daddy to Patsy’s Pizza, and while we were there, I got a little hungry.  Mommy scooped up some yummy tomato sauce on her finger and fed it to me.  I really loved it, so she kept giving me scoop after scoop. I can’t wait till I have more teeth and am […]

Glowing Google ball from Pubcon

When Daddy went to the WebMasterWorld Pubcon conference, he brought me back a glowing Google ball. I play with it because it glows in pretty colors when you turn the light inside on. As you can see, I also played with my other toys today.

Playin’ and crawlin’

Now that I can crawl (well, on hardwood floors, it’s more like slithering or swimming), I like to get mobile. It’s lots of fun to crawl around the living room.

Massa family gathering

I met some of Nana’s relatives for the first time today. Daddy’s Cousin Andrea and her daughter Katrin were at Nana and Grandpa’s. So was Daddy’s Uncle Helmuth and Aunt Lillian. We were so excited that we took lots of pictures. Auntie Karin and Aunt Kerren were there, too! I loved playing with Cousin Katrin; […]