First Christmas

For my first Christmas, Mommy dressed me up in the red velour outfit that Nana gave me.  We then went out to Massapequa to spend the day with Nana, Grandpa and Auntie Karin. Of course, Mommy took lots of pictures. My outfit is a little big, so sometimes my pants come down a little and […]

Did-It holiday party & Alina’s farewell

I am still getting over my cold and flu, but I feel much better today. I had a cold, and Mommy had the flu, and then we switched germs so that I got her flu and she got my cold! My first flu. Anyway, Mommy took me to the Did-It holiday party at Daddy’s office. […]

Hanging out in Mommy’s room

Mommy felt like taking some pictures of me crawling around on her bed, playing the piano, and practicing my standing. I like her blue blanket. It goes well with my hot pink onesie.