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Me and my bunny

Monday, May 29th, 2006

I almost forgot to tell you about me and the bunny.

Well, I started the day like any other day, sleeping next to Mommy while doing my tai-chi hand poses. Then, as the day rolled on, Daddy decided to let me rest on one pillow from my three-pillow system. Mommy put a little fluffy bunny on me to keep me company. That was fun, as you can see.

Scoping out FI neighborhoods

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Mommy sure likes going house hunting in Fire Island. While she was getting me ready to go out for the day, she thought I looked so cute lying on the bed in my new outfit, that she ran to get the camera. We went to Buy Buy Baby to get thermal totes to keep Mommy’s extra milk in bottles cool. They were closed when we got to the store, so Mommy entertained herself by taking some pictures of me in my carrier as we waited. The store opened soon enough for us to buy the totes and catch the train.

As usual, the ferry ride created a photo opp. Mommy put sunblock on me. We arrived in Saltaire, and Mommy captured the moment.

We saw an entry way that Mommy and Daddy thought looked interesting, so we took a picture of it.

I was relaxed and calm in the carrier for hours as we went up and down all the walks in Saltaire from Lighthouse Walk to the beach so we could scope out the houses and get a vibe. I got restless, so I asked Daddy to carry me for a while and show me the nice scenery. Then I was OK with being back in the carrier. But that didn’t last long, and I asked Mommy and Daddy to show me the scenery again.

Then Mommy took a picture of the beach in Dunewood from the walk that may one day be our walk if we get a house there.

At the end of our trip, we went to the dock in Fair Harbor so Mommy could get ice cream as we waited for the ferry. We were suprised to see swans and signets. Mommy thought  I looked pretty with the light on my face from the sun as it was near setting. Here I am waiting to board the ferry. Daddy bought some grape juice in little containers and he drank it on the ferry like a little boy.

As we walked from the ferry to the train in Bayshore, I got restless again, so Daddy carried me.

Bath, bed and beyond

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

I usually love taking my bath, but today I started crying for some mysterious reason right after Mommy took these pictures. Mommy felt so sorry for me that we didn’t finish the bath, and so I only got a rinse. Then I hung out with Daddy and the cats on the bed. After these pictures, I got cranky again. Someday soon I will be more my smiley self.

Back to the beach

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

It’s Tuesday, and believe it or not, we went out to Seaview on Fire Island to go house hunting again. We took the train, and then the ferry. I had a purple mouth, which has been getting a lot of attention, but not the kind a girl wants. On the boat out to Seaview, Mommy decided to have some fun and put her sun glasses on my little face. We were sitting next to her purple fish purse, which matched my lips today. As she took these pictures, she imagined me saying, “stop taking so many pictures” in the whiny voice that Philip Seymour Hoffman did in Capote. That made her smile. I was very cranky today, so when we got back to Penn Station, Mommy ordered herself a large coconut frap.

Purple girl in a purple world

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

I still have thrush, so Daddy insisted we try gentian violet to see if that will make it go away because some people on the Internet say it works. Mommy thought it was a bit nutty to stain my tongue purple with this stuff and get purple all over everything, but she wants the yeast to go away, so we have to try it. She decided that while we use it, I will only wear two nighties and two bibs. Since I got the purple on my things and Mommy forgot the words to “Purple Rain,” she made a song called “Purple Girl in a Purple World.”  Here I am hanging out with Mommy; she thought I looked like an angel when the sun was shining on my head.

First trip to the beach

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Mommy and Daddy like the beach at Fire Island, and they think that when I get older we could spend our summers there. So, because it was nice out today, we went out on a day trip. It takes me a while to get ready, so Daddy first put me on the couch using the three-pillow system; I wasn’t thrilled, but I was OK with it.

We left at 11:05 AM with plenty of time to make the 11:27 train, but then the cab had to go down Broadway because of a “Festivus” (what Daddy calls a street fair) on 9th Avenue. Mommy knew we were going to miss the train, so we bailed out of the cab, went to the bank, bought sandwiches at a cafe, and then to Macy’s. Mommy bought her favorite undies, and Daddy got some cute beach shorts and shirts.
We caught the 1:00 train to Bay Shore. Of course, there are lots of pictures on the way out, from the time we were on the train and the ferry to Saltaire. I like boats cause of the noise and the rocking. Then we arrived at the dock. Whoo hoo — my very first day at the beach! Not only does it have water, sand and houses; it has deer.

There was one house in Dunewood that Daddy liked especially well, and Mommy thought the bones are good but it needs lots of work inside. Daddy agreed. It is one row back from the beach and has a great view of the ocean.

Then Daddy took me to the nearest walkway to the beach from that house, and we looked at the beach for a few minutes, but I was chilly and made faces. At the end of the day, I snuggled under the covers in my car seat as we walked to the ferry, and I took a nap on the boat (pictures).

Three generations of Mommies together for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Yay, Mommy’s first Mother’s Day! Mommy got me bathed and ready early today while Daddy went out to get a haircut and run errands. Then, we went out to Nana and Grandpa’s train stop in Massapequa so they could pick us up. We got in their car and drove to Great GrandMa’s house in Bay Shore. I was so excited to meet her for the first time, and so was she! Great Grandma is Grandpa’s Mommy. She is 103 years old. When she met me, she was so happy she cried, but not from sadness like when I have gas, but from joy. She then said in a Yiddish way “gather ye joy,” and Mommy said “take it from there, Bernie,” meaning Grandpa should write a poem.
Three generations of Mommies — my Mommy, Nana, and Great Grandma. Of course, there are pictures of everyone with me.

I’m getting bigger, but still smaller than James the cat

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Mommy put me on the big bed, and James the cat came to lie down nearby.  I’m not as big as he is, but I tried to be a cute little bundle in my new outfit.  We got ready for a walk to Mommy’s real estate office because she needed to do some work on a new listing.  When we left our building so we could go to the office, I posed in my car seat carrier.  Daddy’s pick for this batch is this one.  People at Brown Harris Stevens thought I was cute, but probably wondered what I was doing there, being a baby and all.  I made some noise, which made Mommy nervous because other brokers were on the phone, so she had to carry me around while she tried to print out a listing agreement.

Love my three-pillow system

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

You would think I nap a lot since there are a lot of pictures of me sacking out. Not true! Really, it is such a rare moment that Mommy takes a picture almost every time. I don’t usually let Mommy put me down, but thanks to Daddy’s three-pillow system, I rested for a litte while this morning.

Richard’s birthday party

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Cousin Barbara’s husband Richard is now 80 years old (that’s more than 416 times older than me), and we went to the party Barbara made for him in a restaurant. My first party, whee! It took a while for us to get ready to go, but we finally got outside. When we arrived at the party, many people greeted us, and it was nice to meet them. Lots of pictures of me with Mommy, Daddy, Cousin Barbara, Richard and other party people. After we left, we walked to Barbara’s house. When we got home, there was a beautiful sunset.

First haircut

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Since most of the hair on my head fell off except for the ruff of longer hair fringing the back, I was looking a bit like a bald man. Mommy likes Dr. Phil, but thought it was enough time for me to be resembling him. So, we used a buzzing razor to trim off my famous mullet and made my hair the same length all over. Daddy wanted to save the hair, so he put it in a baggie. Now I look cute as a peach with my fuzz.

Saving up for today

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Yesterday, I didn’t go poo in my diaper even once. I was saving up as an experiment to see if holding it in makes me more cranky. It does. Mommy enjoyed my kvetchiness a good part of the day. She eventually got us out for a nice walk, and we saw David Blane in front of Lincoln Center soon after he had put himself in a water bubble. Then we went to the Park, and after that, to the office so Daddy could watch me for an hour while Mommy worked. At 8:47pm, I finally blasted out two full days’ worth on the way home from the office. I even managed to blast some through my diaper. Good thing Mommy put a pad down in the car seat underneath me (she was waiting for this occasion). Mommy & Daddy said “yay” and were relieved, as was I.