Ahh, bean bag chairs

Mommy thought it would be a good idea to get us a couple of bean bag chairs — a big one for Mommy and a little one for me. They arrived yesterday. Here I am lounging out on my new bean bag chair while watching the tube. I get to watch TV when I have teething pain because it […]

Big Bath Tub

Since I can sit up very well now, and I like to kick my feet in the baby tub, Mommy thought it was time for me to take my baths in the big bathtub.  It was a lot of fun.  Lots of room for me to splash, play and swim around.

Weaning accomplished!

Today is a special day. No more nursing for me. I’m ready to stop, and so is Mommy. We feel good about it. Mommy thought I was going to want to take it slow, but I showed her that I was all right to cut down faster. Six weeks is enough time for me to […]

Baby pals

It was cold outside, so Max and Annalise came by to play. We have a playgroup about once a week. Max just had his one year birthday, and he has lots of nice hair! Annalise is five months older than me. She can walk and drink from a straw.

Read me a story

I started to like my books a few weeks ago. Mommy now reads to me every day. Daddy sometimes reads to me, too.

Lands’ End

Lands’ End sent me a catalog. I’m not even one year old — what am I going to order from Lands’ End?? My first piece of junk mail :-p