Strolling to and from Storytime

Mommy has fun dressing me up in my sherbert-colored clothes. We went to Storytime at Borders this morning. I jumped and swayed when Miss Kelly sang.

Spring hat

Having some fun with my new hat. It’s very Springy.



Scanned pictures from Auntie Karin

Auntie Karin took some old-fashioned (non-digital) pictures during the Birthday event a week ago. She gave some to Daddy, and he scanned them in.


Mommy and I went to Borders, as we often do. When I got out of the stroller, I walked over to one of the shelves and took this book off the shelf. I walked around the bookstore with it, with a big grin on my face. Sometimes, I sat and flipped through the pages. […]

Triple birthday

We got up early because we had lots of birthdays to celebrate — Daddy, Mommy and Great Grandma had birthdays this week. First, we took the train to Massapequa, where we met Nana, Grandpa, and Auntie Karin. We all drove out to Bayshore to see Great Grandma, who will be 104 years old tomorrow. […]