Trip to visit the Bensons

This morning, I started off with some tummy time, and I got to see myself in the mirror that is part of my activity mat. Then we went on a trip to see some other kids. Mommy’s friend Jennifer just had another baby, so it was a good time to visit their family. Mommy took […]

Dance Dance Dance with Daddy; Pet Pet Pet the Kitty

Teething is a bummer, so Daddy agreed to dance with me. The last picture is out of focus because we were dancing away. Then, Mommy had her first guitar lesson with a man named Tal. He came to the house, and Daddy and I watched Mommy take her lesson. She wants to learn how to […]

Hanging on

I like to hang on while I go swingie swingie.

Grandpa Bernie’s birthday party

Daddy came home early this morning, and then we went out by train to Massapequa to visit with Nana Sonja, Grandpa Bernie and Auntie Karin. We had lots of fun. I even made up a clever little game called knock over the cup and the onion salt. Before we left, I got antsy, so […]

A day with Grandpa Lou and Granny Barbara

Daddy was in Denver on a business trip, so Mommy and I took a long train ride out to Aunt Kerren’s house for a BBQ. When we got to the train station in Stony Brook, Aunt Kerren, Uncle Herbie, Grandpa Lou and Granny Barbara were waiting there to meet us. We couldn’t go outside because […]

Good place for a cat nap

Mommy was pleasantly surprised that I nodded off without her nursing me, rocking me, or strolling me, so she took these pictures while I was sleeping.

Swing time

It was hot today, so we stayed inside most of the day. After it cooled off a little, Mommy and Daddy decided to take me to the Park. Mommy wanted to show Daddy how I like to go in the bucket swing. Here I am with my bunny on the way to Central Park. When […]