Daddy and me by the ferry

While waiting for the boat to Dunewood, Daddy was talking on the phone while I was sitting happily on his lap.

View from the roof

Daddy went up on a ladder to the roof of our house. Mommy watched me playing in my excersaucer. Then Daddy and I hung out on the couch. I later went back in my excersaucer to jump around and play some more.

Aunt Kerren and Nanny Liz visited for the weekend

Mommy and I hung out and watched the ocean as we sat on the front deck. After I went back inside, Nanny and I enjoyed each other’s company. At the end of their visit, we saw Aunt Kerren and Nanny Liz off at the Fair Harbor ferry dock.

Lunch with Nanny Liz

Nanny Liz helped me eat my lunch. For meals, I eat rice cereal and organic vegetable purees, and I usually like them very much. Once in a while, there is a vegetable medley that I don’t like, and I make sour faces to let people know that it tastes yucky to me. When that […]

Best teething toy

Kitty King gave me this teething toy — it is so squishy and fun to bite!

Nanny Liz has arrived

I finally got to meet my Nanny today. She came from California to see me. She always adores me from afar, but now she got to adore me up close. Nanny Liz and Aunt Kerren visited us at the beach house, and we had a nice time.

Nanny was tired because she took a plane here […]

First stay out at the beach

Fire Island sure is a good place to relax. I live the change of scenery from the city. Mommy and Daddy have a lot of cleaning to do, but after that is done, they can relax with me. My favorite time of day is when Mommy takes me in the pouch for walks on the […]