Post-nap photo session

After a nap together on the bed, Mommy thought I looked so calm and relaxed that she got up to take some pictures.  But then I decided to create some excitement by waving my arms around and making funny faces.  Here are the shots from this photo session.  They all make me smile, but #1156 really cracks me up.

Today is Mommy’s 40th Birthday

Amazing as it is, Mommy’s birthday is a year and a day after Daddy’s. And I was born in March, too. That makes March birthday month around here. After a good breakfast (Mommy had a whole wheat raisin scone, and you know what I had), we decided that in honor of Mommy’s birthday, we would […]

Today was Daddy’s Birthday

Today was Daddy’s birthday.  He is 41, which is more than 492 times as old as I am.  Daddy sure is old.  Because I woke him up early on his birthday, he got tired and we both fell asleep on the couch while he was writing his ClickZ column for the week.  Of course, there are […]

When I pig out, I get tired

Sometimes pigging out is a lot of fun. but my tiny belly doesn’t hold very much so if I overeat a bit, I get tired and barely move from my perch on the fluffy blue Boppy.  In the middle of napping on Mommy’s shoulder, I sometimes wake up and make a face.  See the pictures.

Got a bath today, and had a good stretch afterwards

I have been spitting up a bit and Mommy decided that it was a good day for a bath.  After the bath, I was resting on my favorite pillow and decided to stretch out. We also hung around all day with the cats and watched some TV.

Mommy and I fell asleep watching figure skating

Mommy likes to watch figure skating (a lot!), and tonight we both fell asleep snugging while the World Championships were on the TiVo.  Pictures.

My belly button, finally revealed

When I said last week that My umbilical cord stump fell off this morning, I was not counting that last little bit which fell off today.  Mommy immediately got excited, and she took pictures of my navel.  She thinks my belly button is really cute.  What do you think?  More pictures of my navel.  Mommy also thinks I look […]

I stayed with Daddy while Mommy saw clients, first time trying a binky

Mommy is a psychologist and sees clients in the evening.  She shares an office with Daddy, and I get to spend time with Daddy when Mommy works.  We went to the office with me in a car seat & carrier.  I liked it, especially because I also got to try a binky.  The car seat is almost as […]

Nana Lee visited today, helped burp me

Today my Nana visited me.  She helped keep me company while my Mommy did stuff around the house and went to work.  It was lots of fun to have more hugging and burping.  Nana calls burps in German “Beuerschen.”

Lots of funny faces today

Sunday we hung around and I relaxed on the pillow. I start making faces when I get gassy, and I look both funny and cute.  Daddy and Mommy took lots of pictures.

Making faces, running errands, nursing without chomping

This morning, I was on Daddy’s lap and he took some funny pictures of me. Then we went out to do some errands. I liked the taxi ride — it had the kind of motion that makes me calm. Then we went to Starbuck’s because Mommy wanted some herbal tea. […]

I’m gassy as usual today; sleeping next to Mommy

My belly is only 16 days old so it has problems with gas. I have to eat a lot (about 8 times a day), and I seem to get gas after every time I eat. Walking around with Mommy or especially Daddy helps me blow out the gas. This morning, Daddy took a picture of me sleeping next to Mommy.

Today was supposed to be my birthday

I was originally supposed to show up in the world today, but chose instead to arrive on March 1st. I’m so glad I gave myself a two-week head start. Read through my adventures of the last two weeks, and you can see why I wanted to be with my Mommy and Daddy on […]

I’m growing…2 inches in 2 weeks

Today we went to see my doctor. Dr. Hops weighed and measured me (including my head!), and Mommy asked lots of questions. You can see my Daddy bringing me to the doctor in a sling. I like slings. Pictures.

I now weigh 6 lbs 10 oz, and am 21.5 inches long. I […]

Another photo shoot

Mommy took lots of pictures of me and my faces. She thinks I’m really cute and loves me a lot. She also wants everyone to see me who can’t be here to visit me. Pictures…

My umbilical cord stump fell off this morning

During this morning’s diaper change, Mommy’s hand brushed against by my umbilical cord stump as I was wriggling.  Most of it fell off!  I hope I get a cute belly button.  Mommy & Daddy think it’s looking good.

We went to the store, I slept in a sling

Today, we went on the subway to the store and walked around.  It was a beautiful, warm day.  Daddy carried me in a ring sling.  Slings are very comfy — I slept for 3 hours.  Then mommy carried me in the sling, too.  Mommy took lots of pictures of me while holding me in the glider chair. 

Lots of presents surround me

My Daddy and Mommy are amazed.  Presents keep arriving from all sorts of people.  Just today, gifts arrived from folks I haven’t met yet, like Andrea (Daddy’s cousin in Germany) and people who work with Daddy — Hannah and Jacque in Los Angeles (where is that?), and also Renee, Trish and Anne in the Rockville Centre office.  Lots of pretty things to add […]

I learned some new ways of eating

A nice lady stopped by today and showed my Mommy some new ways to hold me so I can eat meals.  I never knew there was such a thing as a lactation consultant.  TMI, I know.

Realxing on the couch today

Today, I decided it was OK for me to relax on the couch, as long as Mommy was watching me nearby.  I also spent some time relaxing on mommy’s lap.  Of course, I have pictures.

Daddy and me on the couch, sacked out

My Daddy keeps me calm when I get upset.  After I fell asleep, so did Daddy. More pictures on March 6th.

Woo Hoo! GP, Nana and Aunt Karin are here

Wow, flowers arrived today from my Daddy’s company, Did-it, and from SEMPO.  I also got a pretty bunny bank from Jean who works with my Daddy.  I have not met her, but she must be nice to send me a bunny bank. My Daddy’s parents and Daddy’s sister Karin are visiting today.  I’m going to call my grandparents […]

Eat, sleep, poop, pee, & snuggle — life is good

I’m having fun at home. I get to do all these great things like eat, sleep, poop, pee, & snuggle with my parents. Mommy snugs me while I eat. More Pictures. I also had a bath today — my first one at home. I’m not sure I liked being sponged […]

Day 3: Going home from the hospital

The hospital was a nice experience, but I’m ready to go home now.  We got on the A train, took a cab, and stopped by to meet with Dr. Hops, my new pediatrician at the Continuum Center for Health & Healing.  I slept well in the car seat.  I am now home with my Mommy, Daddy and […]

Day 2: This hospital is nice

I am having a good time here in the hospital with my Mommy & Daddy.  I like the nurses who gave me a bath.  However, they put this big, heavy anklet on me so that no one can run away with me.  Tight security here in the maternity ward.  More Pictures.

It’s my birthday! March 1, 2006

I don’t feel like waiting until March 15th. March 1st is long enough to stay in Mommy’s belly. I have things to do. Well actually, I had my Mommy start labor on February 28th, right before dinner, but Mommy didn’t know it was real labor until after midnight. We got to the hospital around 3am. […]